Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 11

ARTIST:  Pantera
ORIGIN:  Arlington, TX (United States)
TITLE:  Cowboys from Hell
LABEL:  Atlantic Records
YEAR:  1990
GENRE:  Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "Cemetery Gates"
NOTES:  At the time, this was the most extreme album I had ever heard.  It actually gave me a headache the first time I heard it. But I did not give up on it and kept listening to it to the point that it was a favorite album pretty quickly.  At the time, "Cemetery Gates" had been played a lot on the local hard rock radio station as a result of appearing on a soundtrack.  Of course Pantera changed their sound soon after this release, but it remains my favorite Pantera album.

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