Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview with Cadaverous Condition

Last January, I was sent an album to review by the Austrian band Cadaverous Condition.  I was asked about the possibility of an interview at the time, but due to my own busy schedule was not really able to put one together.  Until now.  I sent some interview questions, dealing with the band's progression from death metal to death/neofolk hybrid and the scene in Austria, to founding member and vocalist Wolfgang Weiss.  After the jump, you can see the interview.

1. Who is Cadaverous Condition and what are you all about?

Keeping a diary of our lives and revisiting past mistakes and crossroads where we made the wrong or right turn, we do not even know yet.
Feeding inner demons and soothing our soul. Searching for my path in life and trying to walk it and follow it through to the end.
The path is unclear though, alas.

2. Cadaverous Condition is from Austria. How is the metal scene in Austria currently?
Non existent as always I presume. Frankly, I don't know. You cannot compare scene or underground music industry from Austria with good developed ones like in Scandinavia.
There is no scene, but I also think there never was.
Or could we just not have been part of it?

3. Can you explain the evolutionary path that Cadaverous Condition has taken? Early on it seems that it was mostly a death metal band.
Yes, I think it still is. The vocals will always be and define our style as Death Metal, but we always had acoustic guitars, singer/songwriter kind of approach and weird ideas in our sound, so nothing has changed that much, but it got better, in my opinion, more refined and compact and catchy.

4. What are the musical influences for the band?
There is so much music in our lives, we cannot pinpoint it exactly. From 70ies Pop to harsh Industrial Noise, everything but not everyone.
My playlist at the moment consist prominently of NON, The Seekers, Death In June, Midlake, Band Of Horses, Neil Young, The Jam, Show Of Hands, The Sisters Of Mercy, Phil Ochs, Reverend Bizarre, Carcass etc. etc.

5. How did you decide to start incorporating folk music elements?
It was always natural for us to do some kind of different approach with the brutal vocals, acoustic guitars, singer/songwriter kind of style, neofolk etc.

6. Folk metal has become a major trend in metal. What are your thoughts on the genre?
I do not want us into that Folk Metal tag, because that usually means Vikings and funny melodies and stupid "folklore".
We are not about that. Neofolk is more our vibe I guess, but also just acoustic stuff by bands like New Model Army or 70ies artists

7. Cadaverous Condition has been around for a long time now. What are some of the biggest changes you have personally witnessed in the metal scene?
That they did not affect us.

8. The band often goes several years without releasing a new album. What do you do in between releases?
Try to live, which is hard enough, especially at the moment.

9. Thank you for the interview. Please take this moment to promote your band.

It is all there, there is nothing more

thank you


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