Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 12

ARTIST:  Suicidal Tendencies
ORIGIN:  Los Angeles, CA (United States)
TITLE:  Join the Army
LABEL:  Caroline Records
YEAR:  1987
GENRE:  Crossover/Thrash Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "War Inside My Head"
NOTES:  As I recall when I was younger, my parents found a bunch of tapes abandoned by a lake.  This was one of the tapes in there.  They never did anything with them, so they were fair game.  This was the only thing remotely metallic in the tapes, so when I was getting into metal, I claimed it.  This is a short and very fast album with a ton of energy.  I am not the biggest Suicidal Tendencies fan, but this is a very good release.

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