Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Recap: Oct. 17-Oct. 23

Last week was incredibly slow. Long week at work. Oh well, it's given me a chance to try to prepare for a couple of potential trials next month. Not much to say otherwise. My fiancee has been working evenings and getting home late, which kind of sucks. Not a ton going on in metal. Looking forward to the new Melechesh album. Hopefully Hastings will carry it. Not holding my breath though.

Amon Amarth: Once Sent from the Golden Hall
Artillery: Through the Years
Bathory: Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Believer: Gabriel
Bonded by Blood: Exiled to Earth
Brain Drill: Quantum Catastrophe
Brown Jenkins: Death Obsession
Carcass: Heartwork
Celtic Frost: Into the Pandemonium
Celtic Frost: Monotheist
Celtic Frost: To Mega Therion
Cephalotripsy: Uterovaginal Insertion of Extirpated Anomalies
Cynic: Focus
Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth
Dark Fortress: Ylem
Dark Tranquillity: Fiction
Dark Tranquillity: We are the Void
Decrepit Birth: Polarity
Dying Fetus: Killing on Adrenaline
Enforcer: Diamonds
Enslaved: Axioma Ethica Odini
Entorturement: Descend Into Deprivation
Ex Deo: Romulus
Exodus: Fabulous Disaster
Fatal Embrace: The Empires of Inhumanity
Havok: Burn
Heathen: Breaking the Silence
Heathen: Victims of Deception
Hellhammer: Demon Entrails
Immortal: Pure Holocaust
Iron Maiden: The Final Frontier
Kataklysm: Heaven's Venom
Kataklysm: Prevail
Kataklysm: Shadows and Dust
Krisiun: Southern Storm
Lecherous Nocturne: Adoration of the Blade
Mastodon: Leviathan
Merciless Death: Realm of Terror
Morbid Angel: Covenant
Old Man's Child: Slaves of the World
Paradise Lost: Icon
Pathology: Legacy of the Ancients
Pyrexia: Sermon of Mockery
Sinister: Diabolical Summoning
Teitanblood: Seven Challices
The Absence: Enemy Unbound
Toxic Holocaust: An Overdose of Death...
Toxic Holocaust: Hell on Earth
Triptykon: Eparistera Daimones
Vorkuta: Into the Chasms of Lunacy
Warbeast: Krush the Enemy
Watain: Lawless Darkness
Witchery: Witchkrieg
Xenomorph: Empyreal Regimes

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