Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Initial Impressions: The Absence: Enemy Unbound

The Absence is an American band that sounds like they come from Sweden. By that, I mean they are a melodic death metal band. However, they prefer the sounds of the early days of the subgenre. This is no In Flames or Soilwork ripoff band, The Absence goes for the more straightahead crunch of At the Gates. Unlike most American bands aping that style though, The Absence features no core influences. It's just hostile melodeath.

I picked this album up recently after loving their last album. It seems like a long time has passed since that album was released, but the wait was worth it. The Absence actually sounds a little better this time around. In my opinion anyway. Decibel did not care much for it, but I find myself seeing eye to eye with Decibel with far less frequency these days. So, that doesn't bother me.

The Absence has tightened up musically this time around. There is more precision to the riffing style and the guitar solos are sharper and more melodic. The Absence has also increased their thrash influences evident in their music. The band has continued to grow as musicians. This is an extremely overlooked band. I will be interested to hear where The Absence goes from here. This is currently the band's highpoint. The Absence is not for everyone, but if you like good melodeath, they are highly recommended.

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  1. I may have to look into that one. I wasn't familiar with this band, and when Decibel gave it the bad review I just ignored it. But I also find myself disagreeing with them often. Usually that's because they like something I don't, and rarely the reverse (probably because I don't look into it much when they review it poorly).