Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekly Recap: 10/3-10/9

Another busy week at work, another late recap post, sorry. Also, there's not much news to report.

I have been increasingly disenchanted with a couple of my metal information sources. I don't quite know why. The sources I am speaking of are Metalsucks and Decibel. I feel like they are not really covering the music I really want to know about. Metalsucks is becoming increasingly fascinated by technical groups like Animals as Leaders, Protest the Hero, Between the Buried and Me, and the like. Groups I have never really cared for. Decibel seems to be covering an awful lot of noise groups lately. Is there anything out there covering underground death and thrash metal these days? Eh, just venting.

Personal life is fine. My fiancee is still working a job she dislikes, but hopefully some positions will start to open up that will make a better use of her education.

Artillery: Through the Years
Artillery: When Death Comes
Atheist: Unquestionable Presence
Bloodsoaked: Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories
Cobalt: Gin
Convulse: World Without God
Dark Angel: Time Does Not Heal
Dark Tranquillity: We are the Void
Darkthrone: Circle the Wagons
Deceased...: Fearless Undead Machines
Deceased...: The Blueprints for Madness
Despised Icon: Day or Mourning
Devourment: 1.3.8
Devourment: Unleash the Carnivore
Exodus: Fabulous Disaster
Goatwhore: Carving Out the Eyes of God
Hibria: Defying the Rules
Immolation: Majesty and Decay
Insomnium: Above the Weeping World
Insomnium: Across the Dark
Jungle Rot: What Horrors Await
King's-Evil: Deletion of Humanoise
Lethal: Programmed
Liege Lord: Burn to My Touch
Lost Horizon: A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Manticora: 8 Deadly Sins
Mors Principium Est: Liberation=Termination
Nebula: Apollo
Necrovore: Divus De Mortuus
Nightmare: Genetic Disorder
Nocturnal Fear: Code of Violence
Nocturnal Fear: Metal of Honor
Norther: Mirror of Madness
Omen: Battle Cry
Omnium Gatherum: The Red Shift
Outworld: Outworld
Overkill: Horrorscope
Sauron: Satanic Assassins
Sepultura: Arise
Sodom: Persecution Mania
Sodom: Sodom
Sodom: Tapping the Vein
Suffocation: Effigy of the Forgotten
Tad Morose: Modus Vivendi
Twisted Tower Dire: Crest of the Martyrs
Unleashed: As Yggdrasil Trembles
Woe of Tyrants: Threnody
Wolf: Ravenous


  1. I know what you mean about Decibel. They also cover way too much punk. Swans? Refused? Seriously? I don't really follow Metalsucks. Although I do really like Animals as Leaders the others you mentioned are not interesting.

    Terrorizer is a bit better (my wife bought me a subscription recently) but even they covered Swans, and have taken to including a mini-magazine about goth music. Just looking at the pictures of groups like Christ Vs. Warhol or Exit to Eden makes me shake my head in disgust.

  2. I agree with your point on Decibel. I used to read the magazine cover to cover but I now find myself skipping articles often. I never understood why so many publications have punk and metal hand in hand.

  3. In the recent cover story on Danzig, the man asserted every kind of music has been influenced by punk. A strong statement, but I don't think it's too far from the truth. I understand punk and metal have influenced each other a great deal, but they're also supposed to be historical enemies. I think Metal Archives might be a bit too restrictive in what they consider metal, but Decibel is too open to covering punk. I honestly have never met anyone who listens to both; I think only the musicians do that.