Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Recap: Feb. 28-Mar. 6

It was a somewhat busy week this week. At work, I got quite a bit done, including a couple of hearings early in the week and then two hearings that were continued. Mrs. Metallattorney was still sick for the first three days of the week. She's feeling better now.

I got albums from Riot, Diamond Head, Exciter, Dark Fortress, Forbidden, and The Sword this week. Look for reviews later in the week.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this month is Metal Month. What does that mean? Who really knows. There's a sampler CD at participating stores of which there are a couple in Nebraska. Hopefully I will have a chance to stop by one of the stores. It depends on how busy things are this week.

Burzum finally released a long-awaited album. Varg Vikernes was released from prison last year. Indications are that it is decent, if a little behind the times. But Vikernes has been in prison for 15 years, so what do you expect?

Amon Amarth: Versus the World
Arsis: United in Regret
Blaspherian: Allegiance to the Will of Damnation
Bloodbath: Nightmares Made Flesh
Bloodbath: Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodbath: The Fathomless Mastery
Cephalic Carnage: XenosapienCruachan: Folk-Lore
Cryptopsy: Blasphemy Made Flesh
Daath: The Hinderers
Dawn of Azazel: Bloodforged Abdication
Diamond Head: Lightning to the Nations
Dismember: Where Iron Crosses Grow
Eluveitie: Slania
Emperor: In the Nightside Eclipse
Enslaved: Isa
Entombed: Left Hand Path
Exciter: Heavy Metal Maniac
Fear Factory: Archetype
Goatwhore/Epoch of Unlight: Corruption in Increments Vol. 1
Gojira: From Mars to Sirius
Iced Earth: Something Wicked This Way Comes
In Flames: The Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance
Kalmah: They Will Return
Kamelot: The Black Halo
Kreator: Enemy of God
Lord Belial: Enter the Moonlight Gate
Lord Belial: Nocturnal Beast
Lord Belial: Revelation-The 7th Seal
Lord Belial: The Black Curse
Machine Head: Burn My Eyes
Mictlantecuhtli: Warriors of the Black Sun
Nevermore: Nevermore
Nightrage: A New Disease is Born
Nile: In Their Darkened Shrines
Norther: Mirror of Madness
Pantera: Reinventing the Steel
Primordial: A Journey's End
Riot: Fire Down Under
Rusty Eye: Possessor
Sacred Reich: Independent
Seance: Awakening of the Gods
Shadows Fall: The Art of Balance
Skyclad: Prince of the Poverty Line
Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss
Sodom: Agent Orange
Sodom: In the Sign of Evil/Obsessed by Cruelty
Sodom: Persecution Mania
Suffocation: Effigy of the Forgotten
The Chasm: The Spell of Retribution
Trench Hell: Alcoholic Disaster
Trench Hell: Southern Cross Ripper
Tristania: Beyond the Veil
Waylander: Honour Amongst Chaos

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