Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite New Bands of 2000's Pt. 3: Arsis

Arsis was just discussed briefly on this blog recently on an Initial Impressions piece for the band's new album. Arsis is a band that is somewhat difficult to categorize as they possess influences from thrash, death, melodic death, and even some black metal. The band's music is rooted in standard death metal, but it often features technical riffs and melodic solos running throughout.

Arsis formed in Virginia in 2000. Since inception, the band has gone through numerous lineup changes. The one sole member that has been with the band since the beginning has been guitarist/singer James Malone. It's his band, everyone else is temporary.

I own three albums by Arsis.

United in Regret is the band's second album. It is the album in my collection closest in sound to death metal. The album's lyrical theme is basically one big "fuck you" to a former flame. The album even features a Depeche Mode cover to go with the bleakness inherent in the musical facets.
We are the Nightmare is the band's third album and this is much more varied than the previous album. It features more technical riffs and solos and is overall, a darker sounding album.
The band recently released Starve for the Devil, so named because of Malone's problems with an eating disorder last year. The album features the tongue-in-cheek song "Forced to Rock".

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