Thursday, March 25, 2010

Initial Impressions: Satan's Host: Power, Purity, Perfection-999

Ah, Satan's Host. With the extremely evil name, and the long-ass album titles, you can pretty much guess what genre Satan's Host falls under. But, they were not always a black metal band. No, when the band started, they played power metal. Not too many Satanic power metal bands out there.

I have only been listening to this band for a few years now and have not heard their power metal album. It's pretty hard to find. But I have thoroughly enjoyed their black metal invocations to Satan. That's at least what they claim their albums are. I don't know, Satan has not come knocking at my door while listening to Satan's Host albums. Color me skeptical.

Musically, Satan's Host is fantastic. This album even moreso than their previous stuff. It's more melodic, and the riffs absolutely rip. It seems a little thrashier too, which is not terribly surprising. Pat Evil is absolutely a great guitar player, capable of shredding riffs and blazing solos. This is his band, the rest of the members merely fill up space.

The vocals are handled well by L.C.F. Eli Elixir. He mostly uses the typical black metal shrieking on this album and is somewhat monotonous. But, we're not looking for great singers in black metal. The drums do some interesting fills, but again, this is a guitar-oriented album.

It will be interesting to watch this band in the future. The vocalist has been recently replaced by Harry "Tyrant" Conklin of the great Jag Panzer. Conklin was the band's original singer. Jag Panzer is a power metal band, so the band may be headed back in that direction.

Christians should probably stay away from this album. Just a word of warning.

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