Monday, March 15, 2010

Favorite New Bands of 2000's Pt. 4: Estuary

Forming in 2002 in the metal hotbed of Cincinnati, OH, Estuary is a powerful mix of melodic death metal and thrash metal. The band has released two full length albums and a demo and is currently signed to Ibex Moon Records.

The band is similar in sound to Apophis, death metal with some very clear melodies and guitar leads, except with a little more thrash metal influences. Even the vocals are somewhat similar, despite the fact that Estuary's vocalist Zdenka Prado, is a woman. As far as female death metal vocalists go, Prado is easily one of the best, delivering her lyrics in an unending guttural roar.

The guitar work is top-notch with swirling guitar leads and solos and great riffs running throughout. The band's sound is dark and murky, the way death metal should be.

The only album I own is The Craft of Contradiction. It is an excellent representation of this band's powerful sound. They have not released anything since this 2007 album, but I hope that will change soon.

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