Thursday, March 25, 2010

Initial Impressions: Nocturnal Fear: Metal of Honor

Lost in the hubbub (funny word that) over retro thrash metal is the fact that other countries in the 1980's were producing great thrash metal bands. One of the best examples, probably even moreso than the U.S. was Germany. Yet none of the so-called neo-thrash metal bands is playing Teutonic thrash. That's not to say there aren't bands out there playing it, just that those bands are too extreme to be noticed by the likes of Revolver. Which brings us to the U.S. band Nocturnal Fear.

Nocturnal Fear sounds like Sodom. Plain and simple. Hell, the artwork even LOOKS like Sodom. We have a soldier wearing a gas mask carrying a damn big gun. Exactly like Sodom's artwork. We need more bands like Sodom. Sodom is one of my favorite thrash metal bands. It's nice to see someone copying them and not more Metallica clones.

Featuring riffs that straddle the line between thrash and death metal, face-melting guitar solos, and black-metal-esque screaming, Nocturnal Fear has certainly done well in developing the Sodom-like sound. This album is highly recommended for anyone who misses the days of 1980's German thrash metal.

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