Monday, March 29, 2010

Initial Impressions: Artillery: When Death Comes

Artillery returned last year after nearly ten years away from the recording studio. The Danish thrash metal band has always been a very creative and technical force in the genre. The years away have not diminished the band's abilities at all, as shown by this album.

This album kicks things off quickly with thundering drums and thrashy riffs. The entire album moves at a frenetic pace. The vocals are more similar to U.S. power metal than thrash metal which is a great change of pace from the yelling and screaming most other thrash metal vocalists do.

This is easily one of the best reunion albums from a 1980's thrash metal band. The whole album is energetic and powerful with great, memorable riffs, blazing guitar solos, and soaring vocals. It's great to have Artillery back. I will be looking into their back catalogue soon.


  1. I love the album too, and I like the way you write your reviews. Did you happen to pick it up after seeing it on my top 50 albums of the decade?

  2. I had actually wanted to get the album for quite awhile. Your blog sold me on it and convinced me to go ahead and buy it. I'm glad I did. Up next is their box set Through the Years to cover everything else.