Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ranking the 2009 Albums

I am back from a little bit of a hiatus imposed by bad weather conditions. Here is a final ranking of the 2009 metal albums, from my favorite to my least favorite. This is just a list, I didn't feel like commenting much:

Destroyer 666: Defiance
Razor of Occam: Homage to Martyrs
God Dethroned: Passiondale
Goatwhore: Carving Out the Eyes of God
Cauldron: Chained to the Nite
Seance: Awakening of the Gods
Dawn of Azazel: Relentless
Amorphis: Skyforger
Heaven and Hell: The Devil You Know
Thanatos: Justified Genocide
Revocation: Existence is Futile
Skeletonwitch: Breathing the Fire
Vader: Necropolis
Absu: Absu
Tribulation: The Horror
Asphyx: Death...The Brutal Way
Immortal: All Shall Fall
Hypocrisy: A Taste of Extreme Divinity
Behemoth: Evangelion
Havok: Burn
Archgoat: The Light-Devouring Darkness
Old Man's Child: Slaves to the World
Thornafire: Vorex Deconstruccion
Nile: Those Whom the Gods Detest
Bloodsoaked: Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories
Suffocation: Blood Oath
Obscura: Cosmogenesis
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder: Living for Death, Destroying the Rest
Kreator: Hordes of Chaos
Megadeth: Endgame
Warbringer: Waking Into Nightmares
Stratovarius: Polaris
Alice in Chains: Black Gives Way to Blue
Napalm Death: Time Waits for No Slave
Slayer: World Painted Blood
Novembers Doom: Into Night's Requiem Infernal
Dreaming Dead: Within One
Jungle Rot: What Horrors Await
The Gates of Slumber: Hymns of Blood and Thunder
Destruktor: Nailed
Destroy Destroy Destroy: Battle Sluts
Lion's Share: Dark Hours
Ahab: The Divinity of Oceans
Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration Plague
Dying Fetus: Descend Into Depravity
Devourment: Unleash the Carnivore
My Dying Bride: For Lies I Sire
Grave Digger: Ballads of a Hangman
The Black Dahlia Murder: Deflorate
Mantic Ritual: Executioner
Obituary: Darkest Day
HOD: Serpent
Believer: Gabriel
Saxon: Into the Labyrinth
Leif Edling: Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy
God Forbid: Earthsblood

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