Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dusting Off a Cassette Pt. 37: Nitro: O.F.R.

O.F.R. stands for Out-Fucking-Rageous. Ugh. Between that and the band's name, and the cover of this album, it becomes pretty obvious that this is a 1980's glam metal band. Sure enough, that is very much the case here. Glam metal is very inconsistent, sometimes really good, oftentimes really bad. This one is one of those rare cases which has positives and negatives.

The music does definitely have aggressive riffing, and it is often extremely fast. The production is not great, the bass cannot be heard terribly well and the drums are a little muddy. The vocals and the guitars are definitely at the forefront. The solos are amazing. Michael Angelo Batio is an amazing soloist and classically trained. The solos are fast and very well-played. This album is definitely interesting from a guitar player's standpoint. The solos are the highlight of the album.

The lowlight: the vocals. Jim Gillette is now a bodybuilder and husband to guitar goddess Lita Ford. However his vocals are obnoxiously high at most times. Even his normal singing voice is on the annoying side. They definitely take some getting used to.

This is an interesting album, certainly not one of my favorites, but I wanted to get something from the glam metal scene. Nitro is definitely a part of that. I don't bring this out too often. That will probably continue to be the case.

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