Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wife-Approved Metal

I mentioned in my post on Valentine's Day that I had a post in mind about my wife and metal.  For the most part, she really does not like a lot of the music that I listen to, yet she has gone to five concerts with me now and has generally liked some of the bands.  This post is about metal that my wife has actually approved of.

Kamelot was one of the first bands that I realized that she liked.  She really likes the material off of The Black Halo, which of course everyone should.  That album is amazing.  Unfortunately I have not been able to come up with too many similar bands that she actually likes.

I have one CD from the Scorpions and it actually used to belong to my wife.  So it is safe to say that she really enjoys the German early metal band.  Of course our first dance at our reception was to a Scorpions song.  Unusual, but I like that about her.

My wife has really started to like 1980's hair bands and of course there are some more metallic bands out there.  This is something that has really taken off in the last year or so since she got Sirius satellite radio on her car.  Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, and Twisted Sister are all bands that she really enjoys from this era.

Another band from the 1980's that my wife really enjoys.  Def Leppard of course was only really a metal band on their first three albums.  After that they were much more of a hard rock band.  They arose out of the NWOBHM movement but quickly fit in with the hair scene.

There is one song that my wife really likes by Metallica.  I don't totally understand but there is nothing wrong with that.  Hey at least my wife likes a Metallica song.

Another band that is not always a metal band, I took her to a TSO concert in Kansas City when we were dating.  That was the night I told her I loved her.

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