Friday, February 1, 2013

Cataloguing My Metal Collection Pt. 87

ARTIST:  Ozzy Osbourne
ORIGIN:  Birmingham, England
TITLE:  The Ozzman Cometh
LABEL:  Epic
YEAR:  1997
GENRE:  Heavy Metal
FAVORITE SONG:  "Mr. Crowley"
NOTES:  I do not have a lot of Greatest Hits albums.  Usually there has to be something that makes the album worth the money, bonus tracks or something.  It has not always been like this though.  Certain artists lend themselves well to a Greatest Hits album.  Ozzy is one of those, due to the large amount of filler material that shows up, particularly on his more recent albums.  This did feature the unreleased track "Back on Earth" which is a decent song, for later Ozzy material.  It also featured demo tracks of early Sabbath material and an interview with Ozzy, that I am not sure I have ever listened to.

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