Sunday, February 10, 2013

Concert Review: In Flames and More

Last night as part of my Valentine's Day gift from my wife, we went to the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln, Nebraska to see In Flames with some other bands.  I did not expect to make in on time, but we did actually get to see all four bands, which is very good for reasons I will get into soon.

This was actually a fairly decent concert experience.  Typically I have been to concerts jammed into some small stage area with very little room to move around and no seating.  The Bourbon actually has kind of a nice set up with some seating room and a decent sized area in front of the stage for a pit.  I usually stick near the back and sit since my wife has no interest in being in the pit.

This was the surprise of the night.  Battlecross plays melodic death metal in a Slaughter of the Soul vein with more brutality.  They sounded great and really interacted well with the crowd.  They had the presence of a band that has been going for a very long time.  Not bad for one who has only put out two albums to this point.  I will be picking up the CD and I did get a t-shirt.

Chugga-chugga-breakdown-ree-ree-chugga-chugga-breakdown-breakdown-ree-breakdown.  Ridiculous.

I almost fell asleep a couple of times.  This band is apparently inexplicably popular in Lincoln.  A ton of people rushed in from the bar area to see them.  I do not get it.

They exceeded my expectations playing a number of older songs mixed in with three or four from their newest album.  They played songs from Whoracle, Clayman, and even Colony, three of my favorite albums from the band.  Most of their material was from Reroute to Remain and Soundtrack to Your Escape, but I love both of those as well, so I had no problem with it.  I was a little annoyed with the lighting which would often shine brightly right in my eyes, but it was not intolerable.

Overall the band sounded pretty good.  They have softened the edges of some of their harder material as their music has become less metallic.  But they definitely know how to move the crowd.  And they do acknowledge the popularity of their older material, though they do stick more to the last five albums.
The blurry photo is my fault.


  1. Cool. Though I'm not sorry to say I missed it. I would never, ever want to see All Shall Perish. As far as Demon Hunter, you're aware that I like to seek out Christian metal, so I've heard them, and I was completely unimpressed.

  2. I had no real desire to see either of those two either, as I think I made clear in the post the day before. But In Flames had been a favorite of mine in the past and Battlecross intrigued me. And then of course there is the fact that Nebraska gets so damn few concerts that I felt if I missed this one it would be a long time before I had another decent chance at a concert.