Monday, February 18, 2013

Lucifer's Legion: Abominations

One of the results of sites like Myspace and Bandcamp, as well as the fact that recording software is easy to get, is that a lot of people are now able to get their music recorded and available to anyone at any time.  Of course the result of this is that there is a proliferation of music out there of any and all types.  One man black metal bands have become increasingly visible.

Lucifer's Legion is a one-man black metal band from Australia.  Brad Dillon handles all aspects of the band, which is listed in the liner notes as "guitars, keyboards, programming bass, vocals, custom percussion".  That explains most of the necessary information right there.  The drums are programmed, the bass is not real, and there are a lot of keyboards.

Lucifer's Legion is a very ambitious band.  Dillon definitely has a lot of ideas.  The style of the music is somewhat of a symphonic black metal band in the vein of Ancient and early Dimmu Borgir.  The keyboards are often performed in a way to sound like a symphony, or at the very least some wind instruments such as the oboe.

The real issue with this album is that, though Dillon has a lot of ideas and some technical skill, he has a difficult time putting things together.  The keyboards are especially problematic because they are playing something completely different than the guitars.  At times it sounds as if there are two completely different songs playing at the same time.  This could have been alleviated somewhat if the keyboards were not as loud.

I will give Lucifer's Legion credit for being ambitious.  There are some decent parts here and there.  I think the band has some talent.  Hopefully with time the songwriting will improve.

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