Thursday, May 24, 2012

Split: Split Torso Trauma

This is the biggest split in my metal collection at this point with five blistering bands that run the gamut from slam to grindcore to brutal death.  The split showcases five bands from around the world, mostly from countries not typically known as metal hotbeds.  It is a pretty good idea.

As you may remember, I usually look at splits to decide which band is my favorite.  There is more to choose from here with five bands.

Starting things off with the first two tracks is Italian brutal death metal band Antropofagus.  This group sounds a bit like Suffocation, only more brutal, if that were possible.  The vocal style is considerably more guttural and intense giving off the sound of a crazed monster.  Antropofagus does a lot of things very well.  I will definitely be looking for more releases from them.

Putridity is also from Italy although they play a different style of brutal death.  There is a lot less technicality here and Putridity throw in some slams for good measure.  The production on their first track on the split is horrendous.  It is very difficult to really hear what is going on.  The second track is a little better although the vocals are so deep as to be nearly lost in the bass.  I do like the guitar tone on the second track though.

Prion is an Argentinian death metal band influenced a lot by Morbid Angel and other occult death metal bands from the early 1990's.  South America has produced a number of good death metal bands, with Thornafire still being one of my favorites.  Prion definitely has what it takes to be a leader in the South American death metal scene.

Infected Flesh is a one-man wrecking machine from Spain.  This is grindcore/brutal death metal album with slam parts and Infected Flesh joins the ranks of other impressive brutal death one-man bands like Bloodsoaked and Putrid Pile.  Infected Flesh plays fairly fast when not busy slamming.  The vocals are typically delivered in the frog croak style.  The drum machine gets a little aggravating after awhile, but the riffs and vocals are interesting enough to keep it from dragging it down.

Greek death metal band Mass Infection closes things out on this release.  Mass Infection is a blastbeat-driven brutal death metal band similar in style to Hate Eternal.  The band plays crushingly fast brutal death metal with a dark atmosphere and deep vocals.  The band blends in some old school death metal influences to go with their more modern brutal death sound.  The result is an impressive mix of styles.

THE VERDICT:  I like all five bands for different reasons.  Picking out just one band is difficult.  Putridity and Infected Flesh are fairly impressive slamming bands.  Mass Infection does an amazing job of mixing the old and the new.  Prion is terrific dirty South American death metal, and Antropofagus do a great Suffocation impression.  I suppose if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Prion.  Even though it is slam week, Prion takes it.

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