Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Initial Impressions: Dysentery: Internal Devastation

Dysentery had gotten quite a bit of hype leading up to this release.  Renowned for an impressive live show, up to this point, their recorded material had not been nearly as impressive.  But that has changed with this release as the band finally got the production job they needed to flesh out their gory brand of slamming death metal.

I read a review once that likened Dysentery to Cannibal Corpse with slams.  Upon listening, I do not think that comparison is quite warranted.  Although with the meaty production here they are a little closer than they once were.  The music is much simpler than Cannibal Corpse who have become very proficient musicians over the years.

This is an impressively brutal release with some punishing riffs.  The vocals are also comparable to Chris Barnes's work on earlier Cannibal Corpse releases.  The band for the most part plods along at a medium pace, sort of the sonic equivalent of Jason Voorhees.

Dysentery is on the right track.  This is a decent album with some good ideas.  It is short and filthy with the gory lyrics complemented nicely by the full and disgusting-sounding production.

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