Friday, May 25, 2012

One and Done? Pt. 9: Orchidectomy: A Prelate's Attrition

Orchidectomy is one of those slam bands that Sgt. D references a lot when talking about slam along with Repudilation, Vulvectomy,  and Artery Eruption.  So of course I had to figure out what all the fuss was about with this band.  Orchidectomy is a Canadian band who only put out one album and a demo before breaking up.    But that one album is highly regarded in the slam death metal genre.  Orchidectomy use pounding drums, slow, methodical slams, and some of the most guttural gurgling vocals any band has ever used in this release.  This is a classic slam release.  It's unfortunate that Orchidectomy did not really stick around afterwards.

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