Monday, May 21, 2012

Initial Impressions: Short Bus Pile Up: Promo 2009

Recently, there was an article over on my former law school colleague's blog, Full Metal Attorney, which discussed metal band names.  One of the more politically incorrect, but somewhat humorous names I have heard is this one: Short Bus Pile Up.  I first heard about SBPU in an article on slam death metal a few years ago, which is still one of my favorite articles the magazine ever did.  The name was so preposterously stupid that eventually I had to check them out.  It certainly did not hurt that they were becoming a pretty big name in the subgenre.

This is without a doubt one of those recordings that I will point to for years to come when someone wants to know what slam death metal is.  The recording is short and loud and possesses all of the qualities one would expect to hear from slam.  Deep, guttural vocals, grooving slam riffs, powerful drumming complete with gravity blasts and some damn impressive bass drops, which occur once per song.  Of course there is also the repulsive lyrical content common to the subgenre.  Each song is short and intense as well.  Instead of dragging along as a lot of other slam bands tend to do, SBPU knows what they want to accomplish with each song, accomplish it and then move along.

This was a promo release to tease the band's second full-length album in 2010, but standing alone it is impressive as hell.  This promo is better than a lot of bands' full-length albums.  I will definitely be checking out the full-length as soon as I can locate it.

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