Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Initial Impressions: Bodysnatch: Insights of a Rotten Theatre

This has to be one of the most ambitious slam/brutal death metal albums I have ever heard.  Bodysnatch is a Swiss studio-only project that pack a lot of surprises and do a lot of unique things that this typically creatively stagnant subgenre does not see a lot of.  Bodysnatch features Fredrik Widigs, drummer for Soils of Fate, a band I will discuss later this week, and two vocalists, who combine to create a hell of a racket.

The first thing that I will discuss is the only drawback to this album.  I want this to be a generally positive review, but there is one detraction.  This album is long.  The album is just shy of an hour long which is incredible for slam death metal.  Almost every song is more than five minutes long.  It is pretty incredible.

The length of the album though is hardly noticed because Bodysnatch does some amazingly creative things.  They have a lot of ideas that are thrown in making each song an intense and interesting listening experience.  Bodysnatch complements the crushing slam riffs with some surprisingly melodic passages at times.  In addition there are moments when the vocals are actually rapped, yet retaining the deep guttural sound.  It is quite the intriguing combination.

All of the unusual inclusions though do not detract from the crushing riffs and slams.  The band still rolls along at a mid-paced grooving chug, a la Jungle Rot and others.  This is an incredible slam release and one that has definitely risen to be one of my favorite albums in the genre.

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