Friday, March 25, 2011

Need Some Help

I have until the end of the day today to come up with a decent, wedding-appropriate song for our reception. My fiancee has provided an additional criteria: the lyrics must make her cry. I have no idea.

The only song I have found so far is Sentenced: "You are the One"

Any help would be appreciated. I am stumped. I am pretty sure "I Cum Blood" is NOT going to work.


  1. "Tears in Heaven" always makes me get all sappy.

  2. That's a good song, but knowing that it's really about his son falling to his death out of a window puts that out of the running. "Wonderful Tonight" is probably the better Clapton option.

  3. Well, I've always thought Bloodbath's "Eaten" was pretty romantic.

    Um, how about Zep's "All My Love"? I know it's on In Through the Out Door, and as such is the way it is, but it's the best I think I can come up with. If you find cry-worthy lyrics in metal, it's because of something dark, not something romantic.

  4. Yeah, there's not much actually romantic lyrics in metal. If love is dealt with, it's usually about the loss thereof.

  5. "Be My Druidess" could be romantic I suppose. T0N seem like a good band for that.