Monday, March 21, 2011

Initial Impressions: Deicide: To Hell With God

Glen Benton is feeling grumpy again. This time, once again, expressing his anger with his favorite whipping-boy, God. Last album was a surprisingly personal album, detailing his frustration with the ongoing divorce and custody battle he was embroiled in. This time, he is back to his old tricks.

Musically, Deicide seems to be making a concentrated effort to play music more similar to their early albums, fast and riff-based death metal with very little melody. The only melody comes from the amazing solo work of Ralph Santolla, who puts in his third appearance on a Deicide album with this release.

Apart from all that, this is standard God-hating Deicide. The song titles tell you what you are in for. "Empowered by Blasphemy", "Servant of the Enemy", and "How Can You Call Yourself a God?" are the most typical.

If you like Deicide, you will probably like this. If not, you probably will not. Deicide is just one of those bands that have always done their own thing and that's just fine. I like Deicide. I therefore enjoyed this album. It's not anything special. It's just Deicide.

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