Thursday, March 10, 2011

Initial Impressions: Voivod: Dimension Hatross

We have reached the final post for Voivod week. Today, I will be covering the band's fourth album, which was the predecessor to the groundbreaking Nothingface, perhaps the band's most famous album.

The first thing to notice is that vocalist Snake has dramatically altered his vocal style. Gone for the most part are the harsh and aggressive sneering vocals he exhibited on the previous albums. In their place are vocals that can best be described as sounding like a Britpop singer from the mid 90's.

Musically, Voivod continued their progression to the next logical step. This time, they had more of a sound foundation and understanding of how best to accomplish their unique riffs and song structures. Voivod also made a conscious attempt to avoid recycling ideas on this album, which was fairly common on their previous three.

This is a truly unique and mind-bending piece of work from these guys. It is also a harbinger of things to come as Voivod would continue to expand on the ideas present in this album on their next one.


  1. Hey, if you were still thinking about coming to that show, don't bother. I went to the Bourbon's web site and it looks like Master and LSOD are no longer going to be there. They've also reduced the cover charge accordingly. That fucking sucks.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. That is very disappointing. I was leaning towards going. Now there's not much reason to travel all the way into town for the fourth time in the last three weeks.