Monday, March 28, 2011

Initial Impressions: Destruction: Day of Reckoning

German thrash titans Destruction recently released their eleventh studio album. Destruction made their comeback from the typical 1990's thrash lull in the late 1990's being way ahead in the game opposed to some of their contemporaries. Despite this, they have not really been able to match their early material. Destruction has pretty much released the same album the last several times out of the gate.

This is pretty much the same thing we have grown to expect from Destruction. Sharp thrash riffs with just a little bit of technicality to them, fast tempos, and of course Schmier's sneering howl. The guitar work is once again very impressive and the new drummer does an admirable job. Everything else is typical for latter day Destruction.

"Devil's Advocate" is the standout track, featuring an impressive riff and some truly great moments. It is one song that sounds like it would have fit on earlier Destruction releases. There is a Dio cover of "Stand Up and Shout", which is decent but not exceptional, but a good way to pay tribute to a metal god who we lost last year.

Ultimately this is Destruction doing what Destruction do. They do not really offer anything new and spectacular but continue with their tried-and-true formula. If you are a fan of Destruction, you will probably like this. If not, then skip it. I am a huge German thrash metal fan, so this is a necessity for me, but Kreator and Sodom's recent releases have been better.

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