Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Initial Impressions: Voivod: Rrroooaaarrr

It's Day 2 of Voivod week and today I will be looking at the band's sophomore album, the strangely titled Rrroooaaarrr. This is the band's last album before going in a more progressive direction and it mostly builds on the ideas from their debut album with a bit more of a straightforward thrash metal sound.

The music on this release is very fast and aggressive. The riffs are powerful and the vocals are in-your-face with a sneering punk inflection. This is particularly evident in second track "Fuck Off and Die". The bass is a very strong element of Voivod's sound on this release, being a major driving force in the riffs.

The thing that is most impressive about this album is that the production quality makes it sound as if the band is live in your living room while listening to it. Voivod has a raw energy that is infectious and comes through loud and clear while playing this album.

This still does not hold a candle to Voivod's progressive era, but it's still pretty damn good. Yes, they still have a little bit of a punk-band-doing-metal sound, but it's a catchy and damn fun album.

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