Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Metal Pets Pt. 2: The Reaper

The Reaper has been a subject of a couple of prior posts. He is our little blue heeler puppy and next week, he will turn one year old. My fiancee and I joke around about him a lot, but we do love him, at least I think so. He is undoubtedly a handful and is often difficult to deal with. We have discovered a couple of unusual things about him though. One is that he is surprisingly calm in the car. And when I say surprisingly, I mean it. He is not calm ever, EVER, but he rides in the car extremely well. Secondly, he is extremely smart, freaky smart. He has learned to drink out of a glass without knocking it over. He learns tricks very quickly. He also figured out how to break out of his kennel. That was an interesting day, coming home during lunch to find that he had utterly demolished a phone book, leaving little pieces all over the floor.

One of these days, The Reaper will be a good dog. Let's just hope we can make it that long.

Next time up: The other three dogs: Sienna, Annie, and Hannah.

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