Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dusting Off a Cassette Pt. 35: Blood of Kingu: De Occulta Philosophia

Blood of Kingu is an occult black metal band from the Ukraine of all places. Metal truly is a well-known form of music around the world, and that is further demonstrated here with a band from a somewhat isolated Easter European country. Metal is popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, it has not been able to reach a worldwide audience to this point.

The lead member of the band, Roman Saenko, is also involved in other Ukrainian metal projects including Drudkh and Hate Forest. He is a very prolific musician, releasing two to three albums per year through various projects.

Blood of Kingu essentially sounds like De Mysteriis Dom Satanas-era Mayhem. The band relies on dark atmospheric riffs and tremolo picking. The music is eerie and intimidating. It's creepy, just as Mayhem was before them.

Not helping matters is the vocals which are often delivered in an ominous chanting like the Benedictine monks if they were chanting about evil and Satan. Combine that with the already unnerving music, and you have one hell of a frightening album.

The only real problem with the album is the low production values. The vocals in particular get kind of lost in the mix. In addition, the album tends to get a little repetitive. Riffs are repeated over and over again ad nauseum in the individual songs, each song generally only containing one riff.

Blood of Kingu has potential. They just have not reached it yet.

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