Monday, November 2, 2009

Initital Impressions: Thornafire: Vorex Deconstruccion

I remember where I was when Thornafire became one of my favorite bands. I had just gotten an order in from Ibex Moon Records which included the latest from Incantation and the Estuary CD. It also included Thornafire's first full length, which I fell in love with. I heard it for the first time on a trip with my family to Indiana for my cousin's wedding. It struck me instantly: classic occult death metal delivered in a modern death metal style.

The second full length delivers on the band's promise, with one minor caveat. The lyrics are all in Spanish. Not surprising, given the fact that the band is from Chile. The new album has a little of a clearer production than the previous album, which takes away some of the aggression and grit the prior album had. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty good bet to contend for my album of the year. Amazing album from an up an coming young band.

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