Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Return to Serenity"-My Favorite Song

It's always been a little difficult for me to pick my favorite band. I change my mind somewhat frequently. At this particular point in time, my favorite band is Destroyer 666, but just recently it was Dawn of Azazel or Kreator, or Sodom. The point is, I change my mind A LOT.

Honestly though, I have not changed my mind about my favorite song since I first heard Testament's "Return to Serenity" back in junior high.

I first heard the song in junior high. At that time, I used to tape songs off of the radio. I admit it, it was essentially an early version of illegal downloading. Anyway, back then The Blaze was the local hard rock/heavy metal radio station. Testament had just released their album Low and were kind of a big deal in metal at the time. The Blaze had a program on Saturday nights called Saturday Night Threesomes and this was a time when I did not have much going on Saturday nights. So I taped the Testament songs from the radio which included "Electric Crown", "Low", and "Return to Serenity".

I was immediately struck by the song. It was melodic, but heavy. Melancholic, but aggressive. The song is a great mix of melody and power. It became my favorite song from the first time I heard it.

Later in high school, I finally bought the album with the song on it. Later, I even bought a live Testament album with an acoustic version of the song on it. Surprisingly, I think I like that version even better.

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