Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cryptopsy: Canadian Death Metal Royalty

Cryptopsy is one of the greatest death metal bands of all time. The band formed in the very early 1990's in Canada and immediately made an impact on the genre. The fact of the matter is that the band is largely responsible for several innovations in the genre, including brutal death metal and deathcore. Cryptopsy had a large hand in the addition of diverse musical styles such as jazz fusion finding their way into death metal.

The Canadian metal scene is largely known as a fairly experimental scene, featuring such diverse bands as Voivod, Gorguts, Strapping Young Lad, and others. Cryptopsy is well at home with these other bands.

The Canadian group first hit the scene with a demo, which was then mostly re-recorded for their first full length album. The music must have seemed like it came from another world, it was so different from what most other bands of the time were doing. The band combined death metal with funk style bass lines and elements from other diverse styles. The band is stunningly talented from a musical sense, which may be difficult to hear at first from the crushing brutality of their riffs. But, when one listens closer, the true talent of the individual members (such as drummer Flo Mounier and guitarist Jon Levasseur) begins to shine through.
After their first album, Cryptopsy released None So Vile, an album that quickly became a landmark in the death metal scene. The album is one of the best examples of technical death metal and hundreds of bands have tried to emulate it ever since. Unfortunately, after that album, vocalist Lord Worm left the band and the new vocalist was more of a hardcore singer than Lord Worm's brutal, guttural delivery.
A couple of albums and several years later, Lord Worm returned to Cryptopsy, though the band had gone in an even more significantly experimental direction. The resulting album was a decent comeback, though it was clear even then that the band would never return to their early style. Soon after, Lord Worm again left the band for good and Cryptopsy moved even further towards deathcore.
I only have the three full length albums from the Lord Worm years, but they are some of my favorite brutal death metal albums. I have not checked their work with other singers out, and I am not sure I will.

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