Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dusting Off a Cassette Pt. 32: Lethal: Programmed

Lethal is a little-known band from Kentucky that perhaps arrived a little too late to the genre. The band formed around the late 1980's and played into the early 1990's. This album in particular was released in by Metal Blade in 1990. Unfortunately, as implied, the band was a little too late. If they had formed a few years earlier, it would have been possible for them to achieve some sort of notoriety, instead they will go down virtually unrecognized. It's a shame because this band was truly talented.

Lethal played a style of progressive power/thrash metal that brings to mind luminaries such as Queensryche and Nevermore. Musically, they are probably most similar to early Queensryche classics like The Warning and their self-titled album. The band is extremely melodic with occasional thrash metal influences showing through. The guitar riffs are fairly standard and again harken back to Queensryche. The lead guitarist though is capable of some blazing solos.

Vocally, again the band calls to mind Queensryche's Geoff Tate. The vocalist has a very strong, powerful tenor voice and is able to portray a lot of emotion.

Even though this review refers to Queensryche a lot, the band is not just some imitator of that better known group. They have their own voice and style that may be reminiscent of the band, but not so much that they are a direct copycat. I love early Queensryche and believe there should have been more bands like that, so I have no problems with the similarities.

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