Sunday, February 1, 2009


Check out this link. Someone sent this video to me, and I thought it deserved a response.

What the hell?

Okay a couple of points:

1. You're young, so I won't give you too much crap.

2. You don't like metal, that's fine, that's your opinion. I happen to hate rap music. That is my opinion. I have my reasons, I won't get into that. I respect it as music, I just don't care for it.

3. If it's too loud, you're too old.

4. If you can't come up with a more convincing argument than "it's retarded and it's terrible" you probably should not be announcing your position publicly.

5. It's interesting that you criticize people for overgeneralizing rap because of the mainstream version of the genre dealing with sex, drugs, and parties, but then you immediately overgeneralize metal as being all about worshipping the devil.

6. Strumming a few chords, making sounds out of the guitar, strumming fast and loud: These things are called being able to play the guitar. This is a musical SKILL. These people practice a lot to be able to do these things. Get a clue.

7. No reason? Again, these people can PLAY their instruments and usually know a thing or two about music theory, which chords sound good with which other chords, and the like. Again, this is a musical SKILL.

8. Rap can be about anything. That's fine, so can metal. For proof, see my review of Ahab, about the story Moby Dick.

9. Rap takes more talent because of being able to make a rap beat on a computer? I'm intrigued. I have no doubt that being able to do these things takes some sort of skill, but it's not musical skill. It's being able to operate the damn software program.

10. Fashion? It's true, some people look like fucking idiots who listen to metal. Some people look like fucking idiots who listen to rap as well. Rap did bring us sagging pants, grills, and bling after all. I'm a lawyer, I wear suits most of the time, I have no piercings or tattoos, and I listen to metal.

11. Metal in the 1950's? Metal didn't exist until the late 1960's when Black Sabbath and Deep Purple came around.

12. I don't remember the devil telling me to terrorize people. I must have missed out.

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