Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dusting off a Cassette Pt. 2: Quiet Riot: Winners Take All

This album is a Greatest Hits collection for a band that doesn't actually need an entire collection. Really one 7" record would cover all two of the band's good songs. I honestly don't remember what possessed me to pick up this tape. It couldn't have been the cover. I think I got it for a couple of bucks in a gas station on the way to Washington when I was in junior high. At that point, I would pick up anything and everything I could get my hands on that people were calling metal. Anyway, this is one of my very few forays into the world of "glam metal". Thank god. Not that there aren't any decent songs on here, "Cum On, Feel the Noize" is obviously a classic, even I will admit that. Besides that, there's "Metal Health" and that's about it. Many of the other songs are geared towards being party anthems and the level of stupidity in it is palpable. The one exception is "The Wild and the Young" which appears to be a later, much more mature sounding song. I don't know, I see the value in this collection as Quiet Riot was an important band in getting metal some mainstream recognition, but they did not have that many noteworthy songs and faded into obscurity almost as fast as they rose to prominence. Blech.

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