Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Destroyer 666 Discography

Ah yes, Destroyer 666. Australia has quite the interesting scene with all of these so-called "war metal" bands running around. There's also Bestial Warlust, Gospel of the Horns, Destruktor, Abominator, and Atomizer over the years. D666 is the best of the group with the catchiest music. There was a major stylistic change over the years though. We'll get to that.


The first EP from D666, after a demo, this album features more of a black metal feel to it. The razor sharp riffs are present as well as the raspy vocals that the band would be come known for. Unfortunately many of the songs do not feel complete, and it was obvious that this was not a main priority at the time. The EP was later re-released with several bonus tracks.


The first full length album built upon the black metal sound of the earlier EP. Some of the songs from that EP are present here as well. The band fleshed these songs out a little more and the album as a whole feels much more complete. Some death metal touches were added in as well. Still at this point, D666 was not a main priority for the members.


Two EPs came in between these two full length albums. This one features a much more mature sound. The band had become a priority at this point. The death metal touches were expanded upon and there were even some thrash metal influences here. The song "I am the Wargod" is one of the most recognizable for the band. The raspy vocals were used to great effect and the riffs became even more jagged and angular.


This is my personal favorite as the band had become a blackened thrash metal band at this point. The songs are shorter and more straightforward but with a level of intensity missing for much of the band's career up to this point. KK Warslut is at his rasping shrieking best and the guitar riffs are frenetic and memorable.


The band's last recorded output to this point is this EP released in 2003. More of an amalgamation of the previous two albums, hopefully this will be the sound of any future recordings from D666. I am still awaiting their newest release which should be out some time this year.

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