Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reader Submissions: Killjoy Corporation: Horsefly

Sometimes it's interesting to judge an album by its cover.  Once in awhile you will see an album cover so grotesque or monstrous that it is completely obvious that you are about to listen to a death metal band.  Sometimes the cover features all blackness with a little bit of white, and you know you are about to listen to a black metal band.

And then there are the times like the above album cover when you don't know what in the hell you are in for.  With the bizarre cartoonish art, complete with popular internet meme, this could be a humorous punk band, a  LMFAO-esque abomination, or pretty much anything else.

Killjoy Corporation is a Finnish band that incorporates elements of groove, thrash, and death metal.  The band fits in well with groups like Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Norther and some of the other Finnish bands. But the band is not content to rest on its laurels and play things exactly the same as their countrymen.  They take something of an experimental approach to songwriting.  Some of the guitar melodies seem pulled from the NWOBHM while there is a strong rhythmic crunch supporting the melodies.

Some of the highlights are the almost swinging riff of "Infected Prey" and the shredding riffs of "Superior of God".  But there are some truly bizarre moments as well.  The "Flight of the Bumblebee"-esque guitar line at the end of the aforementioned "Superior of God" and most of the samples used.  

This is quite the interesting EP.  It has some strong moments, and it has some very bizarre moments as well.  The band actually does a fairly good job of putting together a soundtrack to the strange album cover.  Sometimes you have no idea what to expect from an album cover, but sometimes it's worth it.

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