Friday, September 21, 2012

Initial Impressions: Dying Fetus: Reign Supreme

Dying Fetus was once one of the pioneering bands in the slam death genre.  In the years since then they have moved into more of brutal death metal band with the occasional slams and of course some more technical riffing style thrown in for good measure.  None of this has detracted from the band's music.  I have liked every single Dying Fetus album I have checked out to this point.

Dying Fetus singer John Gallagher has gotten a lot of flack in the past for his statement about liking some rap music better than some heavy metal.  It is even clear from his vocal style on some tracks that rap has influenced him quite a bit.  Some of his vocals would sound like rap if they were not delivered in Gallagher's distinctive deep guttural croak.  The pacing and rhythm of his vocals, particularly when he is doing his deepest frog croak are the most obvious times.  This continues on this release.

Fans of Dying Fetus will know what to expect here.  A whirlwind of squealing guitars, crushing riffs and breakdowns, and quick but brutally heavy songs.  Dying Fetus does not re-invent the wheel here, they are just doing the same thing they have always done, crush skulls.  Even after 20 years, they still sound pretty damn good at it.

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