Sunday, September 30, 2012

Initial Impressions: Revocation: Teratogenesis

Revocation has not been around a long time, but they have already made their mark.  The progressive thrash metal band has released several high quality recordings at this point and their last full-length album was my #3 Album of the Year in 2011.  Revocation decided not to wait long before making their next release with this five track EP being released only slightly more than a year after their last full-length.

Revocation continues to improve on their sound on this release.  Their songs have gotten even tighter and catchier on this release.  All of the elements fit together into a cohesive package.  At times on previous albums Revocation would throw in something completely out of left field which would result in kind of a disjointed feeling.  There is none of that on this release.  There are some unexpected moments but they do not feel thrown in.  There is a progression leading to them that was missing sometimes previously.

The band continues to grow.  Their first album was more of a straightforward thrasher while their last album saw the band experimenting with progressive structures.  This EP finds the band improving on that progressive aspect and leading to some great songs.  Revocation continues to improve.

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