Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reader Submission: Zerstorer: Panzerfaust Justice

I still can't figure out how to do umlauts. I apologize, there should be one over the "o". The album name features the name of Darkthrone's monumental fifth album, so I had some idea of what I might be in for taking a listen to this one. I was a little surprised though. There may be some Darkthrone sounds here, but it is more likely to come from their thrashier, Hellhammer-worship material than their black metal material. Which of course is closer to what Panzerfaust was, so my prediction was not totally off the mark.

Zerstorer means "destroyer" in German and the name is certainly apt. The band would be right at home in the Australian war metal scene. This is punk-influenced black/thrash at its most aggressive. It is all blasting drums and blazing thrash riffs with insane screaming from the vocalist. It is chaotic and hellish, just the way the war metal scene is. The album does slow down a little bit toward the end, but it does not lose any of its edge. It brings to mind groups like Impaled Nazarene, Gospel of the Horns, and just about any Aussie war metal group.

This album definitely reminds me of Destroyer 666's Cold Steel, which is a major compliment. It does not quite have the same memorability in the songs, but the attitude and aggression is there. This is terrific black/thrash. While the band could stand to grow a bit into their own sound, this is still pretty damn good.


  1. You can look it up, but I always forget too. When I need an umlaut over something, I just google it and copy/paste.

  2. That's what I usually do. If you need an umlaut over a lower-case o, you can also hold alt and type 660 on the numeric keypad (the regular numbers don't work) like so: ö.


    That's alt+each number from 661 to 670. There's probably a cheat sheet somewhere. . . . Try this one. Strange, it's giving 4-digit codes.