Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reader Submission: Sleeping Village: Fragments

Blackened doom is not a genre I have heard too much from. The only groups I am at all familiar with are Forgotten Tomb and Misery's Omen. With that said, here is Italian black/doom metal band Sleeping Village who share a country of origin with Forgotten Tomb. The promo information I received described them as a cross between Sonic Youth, Type O Negative, My Bloody Valentine, and Burzum, quite the odd mix of styles really.

The music consists of mostly fuzzy, droning guitar riffs, think some of the slower Type O Negative moments for a point of reference. The drumming is repetitive, adding to the droning quality. It is a drum machine afer all. Towards the end of each of the first two songs, it gradually gets a bit more melodic before returning to the otherworldly style of the beginning moments.

I could have done without the ambient third track, which is eight-plus minutes of random noodling on the instruments. I am not much of a fan of tracks like this. For a shorter time, they are okay, but this is the longest track on the album.

The major complaint I have with this album is the lack of diversity. Everything is very slow and the guitar tone never really changes throughout, retaining the same fuzzy sound as it did at the beginning. The only track that really stands out as different from the others is the third track, which I have already explained I did not care for. I like the overall atmosphere, I just would have enjoyed the release a little bit more if there was some more variation. It is not bad, but it is not really for me.

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