Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reader Submission: Animo Aeger: Fieber

Well after reviewing the full-length Impuls, I was actually kind of excited to listen to Animo Aeger's follow-up. This is just an EP but it still clocks in at nearly 40 minutes.

This one kicks off with a bang. The first track is significantly faster and more aggressive than anything off the prior album. In general, there are more faster tracks on this release. There are still some slower atmospheric tracks, but the band has become more aggressive generally.

Another major change from the last album to this is the use of clean vocals. This was a big surprise because the shrieking vocals fit in so well on the band's prior material. The vocals are occasionally layered with the clean, almost spoken vocals over the top of the shrieking or some roaring death metal-style vocals. The clean vocals can be a little off-putting at times. Sometimes they work well, but others they are a little irritating.

On a brighter note, the production on the first several tracks has improved, though it was not really a problem on the full-length. This is due to Animo Aeger recording them in a real studio this time around. Beyond that, there are a couple of leftover rehearsal room tracks tacked on to this thing.

Overall, this is not really bad, but I did not care for it quite as much as the previous album. The vocals got kind of grating after awhile and that really drove it down in my opinion.

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