Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reader Submission: Descending Darkness: Seelenruhe

Descending Darkness is an Austrian black metal band. Their sound is raw, but the production is surprisingly clean for a band of this style. Therefore, every nasty, filthy note can be heard clearly. It's quite the contrast really.

The sound is more reminiscent of early material from second wave black metal bands such as Mayhem and Darkthrone and other groups that were just starting to find their own voice and still had heavy death and thrash influences. The music is typically faster paced black metal using thrash-style riffs. It is raw and aggressive but with some occasional surprising melodies.

The vocals are typically delivered in an agonizing shriek, similar to the one possessed by Attila Csihar on some of Mayhem's albums. I do not understand the lyrics because they are typically in German, but something has him worked up.

I am pretty impressed with this album. It is one of the better black metal albums that has been submitted to me for my review. This is unabashed thrash-influenced black metal, the way it used to be done. Black metal has twisted and turned into so many different styles that it is nice once in awhile to find a band that still sounds like this.

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