Monday, March 12, 2012

Reader Submission: Sieghetnar: Die Asche eines Geistes

Kicking things off for Ashen Productions this week is German one-man black metal/ambient band Sieghetnar. Sieghetnar's sole member is Thorkraft along with an occasional session drummer. This is the re-release of a demo that Sieghetnar originally released in 2008. It was originally limited to just 25 hand-numbered copies until the reissue. This release is made up of one track, clocking in at over 20 minutes.

I have not typically cared much for ambient music. I do not mind it much, but wen we are talking about a full album or EP, it does not really hold my interest. Burzum has produced some surprisingly good ambient music on some of their releases, but they typically mix it up with some impressive raw black metal as well.

This album starts out with several minutes of random, atmospheric keyboard noodling. Just shy of the six minute mark, the drums kick in and lead into some fuzzy Burzum-esque riffs. The music eventually takes on an almost symphonic quality, while still being obviously produced by keyboards. Unfortunately, that is pretty much it for Sieghetnar. The rest of the song/album pretty much carries on with the same general sound. It ebbs and flows a little bit, but the metal is definitely out from that point forward and it is just soft from that point on. The last two minutes are an acoustic guitar part.

The music reminds me of the soundtrack to 1980's underrated horror film The Keep. The music was provided by a group called Tangerine Dream. Now there is nothing wrong with this, it is certainly interesting to listen to when unwinding, but that is really all there is to it. I do not think I would pay money for a release like this, but it is interesting once in awhile to hear.

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