Saturday, September 10, 2011

Underrated Albums: Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith

Okay, I know, Judas Priest is absolutely one of the biggest names in metal. They were hugely influential on just about everything in the genre from the sound to the look. Yet, in all that, I really do not hear a lot of praise for this particular album.

Maybe it's because it did not have the catchy anthem like "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" or "Breaking the Law", although I will argue that "Some Heads are Gonna Roll" is on par with both of those tracks. Maybe it's because of the homosexual double entendres like "Jawbreaker" and "Eat Me Alive". I don't really know.

I believe this is quite possibly Priest's best album, with only the possible exception of Painkiller. It is an amazing and complete album. Every song on here is fantastic, there is absolutely no filler.

I rediscovered this album a few weeks back when I was listening to it in my car and had to listen to the track "The Sentinel" about four times in a row. I don't know quite what grabbed me about that song, but I have come to believe it is the band's best song that no one talks about. "Freewheel Burning" is yet another classic that gets kind of dismissed a lot.

So yes, if you want a great Judas Priest album that is representative of their more classic, metallic sound, I would recommend this one.

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