Monday, September 19, 2011

Ridiculous Song Titles: Aborted Fetus: "Aquarium with Dead Souls"

I recently received the new Aborted Fetus album, a slam band from Russia. Sometimes, it's just fun to look at some of the song titles from these bands and this is an excellent example. It brings up questions:

How big of a tank do you need for dead souls?

What do you feed dead souls?

What kind of filtration system is necessary for dead souls?

What kind of pH is needed to help dead souls thrive? Freshwater, brackish water, salt water?

What are dead souls compatible with? For instance, my wife and I have a ten-inch long black ghost knifefish. Can I keep my dead souls with it? Apparently they like to kill angelfish, so I am concerned.


  1. Dead souls probably would not do well with a Knifefish, because they need very hard water, whereas the Knifefish prefer soft water. However, in a tank kept at a neutral pH, they both may be able to thrive.

    However, whether or not dead souls can be kept with Knifefish for long periods of time depends on whether those souls have eyes. Knifefish enjoy the taste of eyes, and like to pick them out. Dead souls however, would not do well with catfish as both are bottom feeders, and one or the other would not get enough to eat. The dead souls eat a general carnivore diet. Some greens added is good for their digestive systems.

    Dead souls are very hardy, they are not as picky about water quality as many fish. However they need a VERY large aquarium. They need lots of swimming room.

    Dead souls prefer fresh water, but they sometimes foray into brackish water to breed. If you do not want to breed them, you may keep them in fresh water indefinitely. If you wish to breed them, you must provide warmer brackish water periodically. They are a live-bearer.


  2. Personally I'm picturing a really large saltwater tank with low lighting and no other occupants.