Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reader Submissions: The Aberrant Phase: The Aberrant Phase

The Aberrant Phase are essentially a mathcore band from San Francisco. They contacted me recently to review their debut EP. I will preface this review by saying that I am probably not the best judge of this style of music. My exposure to mathcore has been extremely limited and I have not liked most of what I have heard.

There are definitely metal influences here, but I do not believe they outweigh the hardcore/mathcore influences. Not that there is anything really wrong with that. Bands are free to pursue whatever style they wish. I am just throwing it out there, because I probably would not have chosen to review this album on my own, had this band not contacted me.

Now that that is all out of the way, what do we have here? It is a largely experimental album, playing with a variety of influences and sounds and changing time signatures fairly quickly. It is certainly energetic. The band creates an absolutely unholy racket throughout this fairly short EP. I imagine their live shows are extremely chaotic. The vocals are fairly impressive, going from a harsh shout to some somewhat eerie-sounding cleaner style quickly.

The songs are mostly short, which is probably for the best. I don't imagine that sustained songs of this style would be terribly easy to play and keep the energy level up.

All told, this is certainly an interesting EP. It is difficult for me to review it without making my feelings on the style known. This is definitely for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and similar bands. I am not a fan of this style personally, so I am probably not the best judge. But there are definitely moments that I enjoy here. The opening riff from "All in Red" is a particular favorite moment of mine.

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