Friday, February 11, 2011

Reader Submissions: Opensight: The Voice of Nothing

Recently, Ivan David, frontman for the Colombian progressive metal band Opensight reached out to me. He provided me a way to listen to his band's music and write an article.

As mentioned, Opensight is a progressive metal band with tendencies towards groups like Symphony X and Lethal. Their music is incredibly dynamic, playing loud and powerful one minute and then immediately being able to soften to an acoustic interlude. They show some incredible musicianship as well. The musicians are easily able to change time signature and stay right on top of the other members.

This is the band's fourth release, after two demos and a full-length. This particular release is an EP, containing only five songs and with a runtime of 22 minutes. That is fine though, as this makes a perfect introduction to a band that very few people have ever heard of before.

The second track "Former Heroes" is probably my favorite on the release. Featuring an infectious chorus line and some impressive power chord driven riffwork and then quickly switching to a soft section, before going back to the riffs. "Deleted Scene" features some jazz-inspired, swinging opening riffs.

Ivan's vocals are dry, but seem to really fit the band's music. He sounds like a vocalist for a 1980's American power metal band. Given the style of music played, that is a good match.

The songs each possess a lot of dynamics, the listener is not sure what to expect out of each song. It definitely keeps things interesting. This is a very impressive gateway into a newer, underground band.

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