Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Initial Impressions: Grand Magus: Hammer of the North

After the absolutely amazing Iron Will, I was very interested in hearing how Grand Magus would follow up. That album was my Album of the Year in 2008. This one did not make my list last year because I only just recently got it. But, after hearing it, it would have easily made my Top 10 once again.

This album picks up right where Grand Magus left off, with some absolutely amazing epic traditional metal. The band has a gift for writing infectious songs with great riffs and terrific melodies. This gift is shown in full force on this album. All of the individual musicians sound great on this release, and of course the vocals of J.B. remain a strength.

There really is not much to say about this release. It's absolutely amazing. A great album. Grand Magus remains a hugely underrated band.


  1. An excellent album. When they were the Terrorizer cover stars, the article's author suggested they could be the new standard-bearers for heavy metal, uniting all the flags of the metal faithful. So, maybe they're not all that underrated, or they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. They are on Roadrunner, after all.

  2. Hey, by the way, someone just informed me there's going to be a show at the Bourbon March 13 with Master and Lightning Swords of Death. It's a Sunday, so it might not be the best for you to go out of town, but I think I might go. It would be my first show in, like, 7 years (I think that's when Metallica was touring with Godsmack). And of course it would be my first extreme metal show.

  3. Hmmm, I have never heard of the Bourbon. I guess that's how long I have lived away from Lincoln. I might strongly consider going, but that would make four trips to Lincoln in just a couple of weeks and I do not really have the discretionary income for that right now. I will keep you updated though whether I go, maybe we can meet up.

  4. Sure. I think I may have someone else going with me, but even if I don't I'm going to make it. How cool would it be to have a picture taken with Lightning Swords of Death? Those dudes look like Venom meets Motorhead. Here's hoping that can happen.